Achieve Your Goals

Go Beyond the Idea Stage

Do you want to launch a startup based on your great idea?

Go Beyond The Idea Stage

MyWay will maximize your chances of breaking through the challenges of getting your startup off the ground.

Successfully taking the leap from great idea to a startup company will require you to overcome numerous personal challenges, which may include:

  • Making the decision to actually move forward with your idea
  • Exposing your idea to others
  • Reaching people who can provide valuable professional feedback
  • Succeeding in a world in which you have little knowledge and few contacts
  • Moving from "one-man-show" mode to startup mode
  • Choosing between several good ideas you’d like to advance
  • Deciding if startup life suits you
  • Deciding if and when to quit your job
  • Remaining motivated in the face of obstacles

Overcoming these personal challenges is essential to achieving the most important business goals of launching a startup, such as:

  • Initial business validation of the idea
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Seeking partners and capital at the optimum time
  • Selecting one winning idea on which to focus
  • Choosing your business roadmap (sell IP, build a company, etc.)
  • Creating a model for working on multiple ideas simultaneously

MyWay will help you maximize your personal potential with the specific goal of turning your great idea into a successful startup! In order to achieve this breakthrough, MyWay and you together will:

  • Create an idea exposure plan
  • Figure out how to reach market professionals and potential clients
  • Set timetables and milestones for the validation processes
  • Realize what you need in order to take the idea further
  • Organize your priorities
  • Focus on the right idea for you at this time
  • Brainstorm on ways to create a long-term "multi-idea" model
  • Consider the timing for quitting your job, raising capital, finding partners, etc.

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