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About MyWay

MayWay’s startup coaching will help you maximize your personal potential in order to achieve business breakthroughs – at every stage of your startup.

Founded in 2007, MyWay combines well-established coaching practices and experience in Venture Capital to maximize the success potential of high-tech, biotech and Internet entrepreneurs. MyWay works with Israeli and international clients in both one-on-one meetings and interactive workshops.

The founder of MyWay, Halit Lichtenson, has extensive experience in both high-tech investments and personal coaching. She launched MyWay as a means of assisting entrepreneurs to maximize their key asset for success – themselves! As a startup company develops, it constantly presents its leaders with fresh challenges, which must be addressed with new skills and abilities. In order for the company to continue to advance and create additional value, the company’s leaders must take the personal leaps necessary to achieve each subsequent business breakthrough. MyWay is focused on helping entrepreneurs achieve these breakthroughs to make their business a success.

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The MyWay approach combines well-established coaching practices and extensive experience in Venture Capital to maximize your chances of achieving your goals. MyWay provides you with the techniques and confidence you will need to succeed in unfamiliar environments.

MyWay offers:

  • Impartial personal & business feedback
  • Experience-based brainstorming
  • Weekly assessments
  • Coaching techniques
  • Industry contacts, when relevant

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